Friday, April 9, 2010


The last two months have been very difficult for my wife and i. We lost someone very close to our hearts. Our only solice is to know he is with his wife who he has mourned for since she passed in 2007.
I retreated to my shop. another place I find solice and take a break from the trials and tribulations of every day life. I will miss those nights in my shop with my Dad keeping me company. I pray he is at peace and hope he is still watching over us. We miss you very much Pop.
I was contacted by Diana Williams, a professional ventriloquist. She was looking for a unique look in a figure. She gave me a couple of pictures of different people to take features from and also pointed out a figure I had made for a ventriloquist in Canada. I blended the ideas and came up with this guy. He is hand sculpted from Magic Sculpt and is a 40 inch "professional" stage figure. Diana asked me never to make a copy of him. Thats one thing I have never done, because I still haven't tried my hand at making a mold. All my figures are sculpted, sanded and painted by hand. Here he is Diana. Thank you for choosing me to make your figure! I'm looking forward to seeing him on you tube. I have seen your work there, and you're great!