Sunday, October 6, 2013

She is finished!

Here is the pixie already to go. She was a fun undertaking and came out real cute. I hope you like her Doris. She's ready when you are. She has raising eyebrows, side to side moving eyes and moving mouth.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Been a long time!

Its been a long time since my last blog. I have been very busy and just kept putting it off until i realized half the year was gone!  I am still working on my museum and of course making figures. I started one recently for a customer. She wanted a pixie and gave me a picture to go by. Here are my results so far. I started with the sculpture on the botton and after sanding and painting and sealing, I added her eyes and eyebrows. I will post the results when I am finished.

  I was asked where I get my eyes. I have several places to go, Braylu makes very nice eyes and their iris can be painted from behind to enhance the color any hue you like. Puppets and props sells very nice eyes as well and has different categories. I also buy from doll suppliers throughout the internet. I do however make my own most of the time from wooden balls I buy at Joanns Fabrics or Michaels craft supplies. I all depends on the look I want to get. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Tragic Loss

Clinton Detweiler, one of Gods finest creations, has left this world to move on to his just rewards. His kindness, helpfulness and honesty will be missed by all who have ever had the pleasure of knowing him. He was a man of God and family and treated everyone he came in contact with, with the utmost respect. He was there for new vents to help guide them and make their journey in to ventriloquism an enjoyable one. That is visible through all of us who grieve for him and his family.
I consider myself honored and “blessed” to have known him. He helped me in alot of aspects through the years in both skills, humility and professionalism. He was more than just the owner of Maher studios he was a teacher, a friend and mentor to many.
We all looked forward to seeing what would be posted in his blog and what new creations he had come up with. He would answer any and all questions given him and if he didn’t have the answer, he would point you in the right direction. Clinton was happy when he was in his shop or doing anything that had to do with Ventriloquism. As the saying goes and as he said himself, “when you are doing something you love to do, you will never have worked a day in your life. In one of his final posts his wife Adelia asked him ” Isn’t there something you would like to do other than ventriloquism?” His answer: I’d have to think about that one. We will miss you Mr Detweiler. I hope I can be half the man that you were. Hopefully then, I will be able to meet you in person in Gods great Heaven.