Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year

2011 was a pretty tough year for us healthwise. My wife is having bi weekly dialysis and I almost lost an eye. I had a piece of wire enter my eye and it was actually sticking out. I went to the emergency room and they told me it must have fallen out. They gave me some drops and sent me on my way. Two days later I was at the Wills eye institute in Phila. having emergency surgery. I lost my eye sight for about a month. It happened on Nov. 29 and I am just now able to see out of it. Had I waited another day, the opthamologist told me I would have lost the eye.

I started working again in my shop this past week and finished up alot of figures I had in the works. I have finished an Elvis Presley full size figure and an old man.

I used Buzz's cast body for Elvis and it looks great. Kudos to Braylu creations. Buzz is a very creative artist. I enjoy working with him and recommend his products to any one that is interested in figure making.

Here are the pictures of Elvis and the old man as well as a full size Black figure I made and sold on ebay before the hulidays. I will be doing some different things this year. My NYR is to blog alot more. Happy New year to all.