Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some friends from Canada

This week I have been working on Jimmy Reedyk's puppets. Jimmy is an entertainer in Canada and his show is called "The Jimmy Light Show. He sent me his Selberg Max to get a facial (there were some scratches to his face and a crack in his head.)

I took care of those problems and then repainted his head. Herre some before and after. The trick to doing scratch repairs and repaints is to match everything perfectly. That way, no one knows anything had even happened. I accomplished that with Max. There were scratches to his nose, cheeks and around his ears which were repaired and cab't be seen. Here are some before and afters. He also requested a different look for his Payes doll. He wanted bigger lips, "cruddy teeth", and a nose job. I added bigger ears also. Here is a picture of him.

Jimmy requested that i make some different wigs for him which are interchangeable. I removed his wig and filled in the staple holes. I then attached removeable velcro to his head and velcro strips inside each wig. When your on the stage and you want to do a quick change, velcro attachments are the way to go. Here are some pictures of the wigs. I also made a "soul patch" for each wig which can be connected also by removeabvle velcro under the lip. Hope you like them Jimmy.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Another Murphy's Law week

It started off well. Then on Monday, I noticed a problem with my van. I took it to the shop. While voting on Tuesday, my other vehicle broke down. I waited in the freezing cold for 2 hours before AAA got there. On Wed, I left work because I was ill. (probably from waiting in the cold) and on the way home, I went into a sneezing fit and ran up on the median and had to be towed off. I have been in bed ever since with Bronchitis.

I see on That Dan has relisted me as a figure maker. He received his likeness and did so to my request. I didn't make this figure to prove that I can. I did it as a tribute to him and Bob Albano for the amount of effort and work they put in to their websites. I have never had the desire to prove anything to anyone. I do what I do because I want to.

In his blog, he says that I should continue making pro figures. I will of course, but I never stopped. I have made many of them. I have seen some resold on Ebay, but for most part, they were made to resemble someone and aren't usually parted with.I have used everything from paper mache to wood putty and from paper clay to apoxie sculpt.

I don't make them and sell them on ebay. I sold one stage figure back in September of 2005 on ebay. I never sold another.

I think Al Stevens put it best.... "take in to consideration all the materials, tools, time and sweat that you put in to a figure. That will give you an idea of what you should charge for it.

Ebay is not a ventriloquist's site. It is a general flea market for everything you can imagine. It is a good place however to get people interested in Ventriloquism. Therefore, I give them an alternative to buying a stock Charlie, Mortimer or Howdy with fleece hair, unpainted with a cardboard body which is sold on several websites for 299 dollars.

That is the price I ask for my conversions, and believe me, I put alot more work into them than you can imagine. What I offer is the opportunity to get involved in Ventriloquism without having to spend 5oo dollars on a stage figure. (I have noticed that stage figure heads are getting alot smaller these days) I have many different customers. I have ministers doctors, lawyers, policemen, park rangers, and the whole gammet of people who use these figures to teach, express important issues and bring kids out of their shells as well as entertain.

I have alot of children also who email me and ask questions about problems they are having pronouncing certain letters, or being afraid and many other issues they encounter as they become young entertainers.

The truth is, I am happy making conversion figures. As Clinton Detweiller said in his blog, "I like to help people learn to walk" in this field. That is my place and I am happy to be part of the newbie community. I am available all the time and answer every email that is sent to me. If I can help, I will. If I can't, I will direct you to the most competent person in my opinion that will.

This doesn't mean I won't make stage figures. I make them whenever they are requested. My customers will attest to it. I have built four or five on my blog so far.

I thank you Dan for putting me back on the makers page.

and Bob, thank you for never removing me. Your faith in my abilities will never be forgotten. Your figure is on his way. They told me about three weeks. (slow boat to Taiwan)

Have a great week all. As ever, if you have any questions about ventriloquism or figure making, feel free to email me. I am here to help. my email address is

Here is another stage figure I just finished for one of my customers along side a conversion figure I am working on.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Some friends of mine

One of my problems is I can't say no. I start too many things at one time and then put my pet projects to the wayside. These started in September..... A little here, a little there and finally! They are finished.

This is my tribute to two individuals who have spent alot of their personal time and alot of searching and asking to develope two of the most informative websites about the History of Ventriloquism and it's players both vents and makers. it was not any easy undertaking and neither of them were paid for their efforts. They are deeply dedicated to this ancient and facinating field and are paid in satisfaction from the amount of people who visit their sites.

I have cast you both in stone (magic sculpt) so that your characatures as well as your efforts will be there for all to see for a long time to come.

Thank you from both of us, to both of you. We visit your sites regularly as well as hundreds of others who pay you tribute through their comments.

If you notice, you are both wearing your logo's, so the face can be matched to your works!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Bob that Gepetto built

I couldn't wait for the whig to arrive any longer so I pieced his hair together from several wefts that I had.

Darlene is up and walking already so it has given me time to get back in my shop. I am making a few special outfits for Bob and Dan and then will ship them off to their dopplegangers. Here is a couple of pics of Bob's finished Cabezza.