Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some friends from Canada

This week I have been working on Jimmy Reedyk's puppets. Jimmy is an entertainer in Canada and his show is called "The Jimmy Light Show. He sent me his Selberg Max to get a facial (there were some scratches to his face and a crack in his head.)

I took care of those problems and then repainted his head. Herre some before and after. The trick to doing scratch repairs and repaints is to match everything perfectly. That way, no one knows anything had even happened. I accomplished that with Max. There were scratches to his nose, cheeks and around his ears which were repaired and cab't be seen. Here are some before and afters. He also requested a different look for his Payes doll. He wanted bigger lips, "cruddy teeth", and a nose job. I added bigger ears also. Here is a picture of him.

Jimmy requested that i make some different wigs for him which are interchangeable. I removed his wig and filled in the staple holes. I then attached removeable velcro to his head and velcro strips inside each wig. When your on the stage and you want to do a quick change, velcro attachments are the way to go. Here are some pictures of the wigs. I also made a "soul patch" for each wig which can be connected also by removeabvle velcro under the lip. Hope you like them Jimmy.


JimmyLightShow said...

WOW! I love it. You are so very talented. I'm blow away. Its going to add 10 fold to my show, all in part thanks to you. I can hardly wait. Steve Barry is a true puppet maker. You stand for value, integrity, costumer satisfaction and above all attention to detail in puppet making and repair. Words cannot express the thank you I have for you from the bottom of my heart. There is no doubt in me mind that this is the start to a wonderful and appreciated friendship for life.

Jimmy Light Show.

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