Saturday, February 9, 2008

Some friends of mine

One of my problems is I can't say no. I start too many things at one time and then put my pet projects to the wayside. These started in September..... A little here, a little there and finally! They are finished.

This is my tribute to two individuals who have spent alot of their personal time and alot of searching and asking to develope two of the most informative websites about the History of Ventriloquism and it's players both vents and makers. it was not any easy undertaking and neither of them were paid for their efforts. They are deeply dedicated to this ancient and facinating field and are paid in satisfaction from the amount of people who visit their sites.

I have cast you both in stone (magic sculpt) so that your characatures as well as your efforts will be there for all to see for a long time to come.

Thank you from both of us, to both of you. We visit your sites regularly as well as hundreds of others who pay you tribute through their comments.

If you notice, you are both wearing your logo's, so the face can be matched to your works!

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JimmyLightShow said...

WOW, these are 2 magnificent figures. Steve Barry, you are so very talented. How do you balance work, family and making quality puppets? I would assume its your passion, hobby and mania all at the same time. Are you ever going to put out a DVD of you in action making them from beginning to end? Working at the newspaper must give you and advantage of doing the odd story on your puppet making adventures.