Wednesday, March 21, 2012

making Slappy

youtube was good enough to feature my Slappy video and I have gotten numerous requests for him and how to make him so I will show you the steps of making Slappy.

This Slappy is a conversion figure. I start with a CM head and resculpt it with magic sculpt. After it dries I have alot of sanding to do to soften the features.

The next step is multiple coats of fleshtone paint. This takes acouple of days because you have to wait for the paint to cure before you put the next coat on. I then blend colors and highlights to bring out his features. I then put five coats of sealer on his face.

finishing the jaw

I gave him some teeth and a tongue and built up the bottom of his jaw so it swings back and forth with no gaps underneath. The jaw is now mounted inside the head.

Monday, March 12, 2012

preparing the jaw

After cutting out the jaw, I build up the sides and bottome with magic sculpt. After it dries, I belt sand it until I get a good fit in the head. I then cut a piece of wood for the top of the mouth where i will sculpt his teeth and tongue and hold it in place with magic sculpt/ As you can see by all the holes i drilled in the side of the jaw, There is no science to finding the right pivot for the jaw. Sometimes you have to put the bar through the jaw several times before you get the right spot for the jaw to pivot properly.