Monday, February 20, 2012

Half done?

Over the years I have aquired many half heads. Some are just that. The face and no back. When Finis' shop was sold to Charlie Horner, ventriloquist and figure maker, He sold alot of the unfinished work that was left in the shop. I aquired about fifteen of them. They are made from wood dough. Other figure makers made half heads or faces for practicing a certain style or for practice painting. They then sold them on ebay as such. I have aquired a few of them as well.

The one I am working on right now was done by Mike Palma who is an accomplished figure maker and ventriloquist as well as a magician. His work is highly sought after. I borrowed the picture of the half head from Mike Palmas site as I didn't take a picture of the face before i started working on it. Mike has a very interesting and informative blog. Ypu can read it at

The first thing I did was create the rest of the head using balled up tinfoil and paper. I covered that with a layer of saran wrap and used a light weight polymer to created the rest of the head. I cut out the eyes and the mouth in order to animate them. Here is where I am so far.