Sunday, March 9, 2008

More Jimmy Light Show

Jimmy has been sending a lot of work my way. I am humbled that he trusts me with his figures.

Jimmy is a professional wrestling manager who uses puppets as well lights on his attire while trying to distract his wrestlers opponents. Jimmy also manages an antique store in Canada. He has quite a following up there. It is his unique methods of entertainment that gather the crowds.

Here are two figures he had me make for him. They are "the stoners" Roach and Bud. I think they just made a deal with a Rastafarian I've been working on! I've got to monitor the goings on in my shop a little closer!

Each figure has blinkers, raising eyebrows,slot jaw movement and a smoker/spitter.

As you can see inside Buds mouth, there is a brass tube which runs down into his jaw and is connected to some surgical tubing which in turn connects to a squeeze bulb. The bulb can be loaded with either talc powder and used as a smoker or water and used as a spitter. I had fun making these guys. My inspiration came from a few "stoners" I knew growing up in the 60's.

Hope you like them Jimmy.

I am also in the middle of adding warts, teeth a different chin and bigger ears to one of his Payes puppets. Here is what I have so far. Have a great week! I thought I'd ad that I have two figures on ebay this week. A girl figure and a Jerry Mahoney with blinkers. I've never seen a Jerry with blinkers before so this may be a one and only!


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