Sunday, June 3, 2007

I love what I do!

It is Sunday night and time to get ready for my other job. (I wear many hats) aside from being a grandfathert, ventriloquist and figure maker, I also work for one of the oldest newspapers on the East Coast. It is called the Cecil Whig and has been in publication since 1842. I am coming off of a weeks vacation that was necessary to take care of my wife. She had a lumpectomy scheduled and I'm glad to report everything came out alright. It's hard once you've passed the 50,000 mile warranty. Just like automobiles, we all start to have problems!

Here I am finishing up a guy who is so anxious to get done he is holding the paint for me as I blend his highlights. There's a bunch of legs and bodys getting ready to be put together to join their heads which have been hanging around waiting get themselves together. As I said when I started this blog, I am here to help anyone with questions about ventriloquism or figure making so feel free to email me at Have a great week and God Bless!

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