Sunday, October 14, 2007

Be the best person you can be

My wife tells me we are in a retrograde Mercury. For anyone that doesn't know what that means, it is an astrological term and basically (at least to me) means whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. So far it has.

I have been trying to get orders finished and my wife and I both came down with something. Needless to say I am behind in my work.

I had someone tell me the other day " I'm a Christian, so I'll wait till tomorrow to say what I want to say". I still haven't been able to figure that one out. I guess he didn't want to yell at me which is something Christians aren't supposed to do. He wouldn't give me a chance to resolve the problem we had between us which is something else Christians do.

True Christians work out their differences. They don't need to threaten to get their point across AND..... Christians are forgiving. Christian means Christlike.

So all you "Christians" who use this phrase, try being like him not using his name to get a point across! If you have something to say by all means say it! That is another Christian trait. Honesty!

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. I am not a miracle worker and sometimes make mistakes. If I say it will be done and it isn't, it is something I couldn't help. If there is an issue, I will gladly take care of it. Just give me the opportunity. I try to follow in his footsteps the best I can. That's what we are all supposed to do.

I have a Charlie tribute on ebay this week as well as a Jerry Mahoney. The Charlie was a special order and the person had a family emergency and couldn't pay for him SOOOOOOOOO he is now on ebay. I don't plan on making another one, so he is it.

The emails have been slowing up lately so I just want to remind everyone why I started this blog. I have been a ventriloquist and figure maker for many years and I am here to help anyone with any questions they might have pertaining to figure making, ventriloquism or figure repairs.

I look forward to helping any and all from people becoming interested to fellow veterans. my email address is Hope you all have a great week!


Trenon Graham Ventriloquist said...

Steve Man u have to be the person that god called for u to be which means that yes u are not perfect and yes we are going to make some mistakes in life and it's okay but it's not okay to hold a grudge on someone better yet the lord wont allow u to be blessed and move foward in u'r life i say this to say that this everyday is not always going to peaches and cream u win some and u are gonna lose sometimes steve everytime u lose the lords closes that door and the he opens another man!!!! just keep doing what u do man


Borrego said...


Lady Chaachi said...

Just read this & have to say, you are correct! I am using whatever talents I have be it puppets, singing, teaching, martial arts etc...for the LORD! He is our FATHER & loves us & we are to love one another which is always a work in progress! Sorry the "christian" person was sounding derogatory towards you. I hope you are blessed in all you do as it gives us another forum to bring the true spirit of CHRIST & the Holy Spirit alive in our young & old alike! Let's just be the TRUE & REAL example of GOD's grace & love forever as best we can in this life, since we will be held accountable for it later. Lord teach us to love, give & celebrate you!

Love IN Christ, Chaachi

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