Sunday, November 2, 2008

working on paperman

After sanding him real well, I used paper clay to fill in the other places that were too deep to sand. I gave him a few coats of paint and blended his cheeks. I added 16mm iris from Braylu which I painted the back of brown to give it a deeper color than the amber colr that they were originally.

I removed two bent rods from the back of the eyes and replaced them with eye screws. I am adding a rod for eye control because there is no room in his little head to get the eyes to turn with eyelet controls. I also thickened an elongated his neck a little so it doesn't sit right on his shoulders like it used to.

I have drilled holes in his forhead and will add brass tubes to add eyebrows later. Here's where he's at so far.

I've got a few guys hanging around in the shop. If anyone sees one they are interested in, email me at

As always, if anyone has any questions pertaining to figure making or ventriloquism, feel free to email me anytime. I answer any and all questions. If I don't have the answer, you can rest asure I will point you in the right direction to get it. Have a great week. Happy Venting!