Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lillies alterego

I have been in contact with Lillie for a couple of weeks. She is a talented artist who is studying Art Therapy. For a young lady, she has it together. She also has her heart in the right place.

She asked that I give the dummy her eyes, nose and hair. I have finished her head and I am working on finishing her up. She needs her for a convention coming up and I want to make sure she gets her in plenty of time. Here are some pictures of her in process. and... Here is one of my cats Lillie. This is Bear. He was the only one around while I was taking the pictures. I'll try and catch up to the other guys later. Have a great week everyone! As always, If I can help with any of your figure making problems or anything else pertaining to ventriloquism, feel free to contact me at and if you would like a custom made conversion figure or stage figure, you can contact me at the same web address. Thanks everyone!

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