Saturday, October 30, 2010

extreme ventriloquism?

I received an email from the learning channel asking me if I would be on their show extreme hobbies and show how ventriloquism takes part in my life and interview friends and family about it. Wow! what a great opportunity to present ventriloquism in a positive light.

I thought about it and realized there was a person better qualified than I was to present our hobby.

I called Dan Willinger and told him of the letter I received and I guess in my excitement, I didn't think it out. Thank you for grounding me Dan.

Most shows like this try to present the person or the hobby in a negative or manic light. In my exuberance, I forgot that no matter how you try to present things, it will always come out the way the interviewer wants it to. After working for a Newspaper for almost 20 years, I should have seen that myself

I love ventriloquism and figure making and want everyone to enjoy it as much as I do. Therefore, I wouldn't accept an invitation that might try to ridicule it . It is a passion, not an extreme. Those of us who are part of this community already know that. Those who would like to get involved, there are alot of us out there such as Dan and Steve from Ventriloquist Central

Clinton Detweiler, Bob Albano, Al Stevens and a host of others out there that would be happy to welcome you and give you any help you might want. Myself included of course!
Above are a couple of heads I sculpted. I will be sending them to Buzz at Braylu who if he likes them, will cast them and offer them for sale as kits. The jaw has been sculpted separately and will be offered with them of course.


Bob Conrad said...

You probably did the right thing Steve. I have never had an interview come out the way I said it. They always misquote you and take things out of context. It would be nice to see Ventriloquism shown as an art form rather than an oddity. The closest I have seen is the film "I'm no dummy".

Anonymous said...

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Braylu said...


Looking forward to making the molds for these guys.

theforce said...

Hi, from a wet galway ireland.

Great! Great! work long live art!

jmaurer1576 said...

You know Steve, if you throw a rock at some wolves the one that squeals is the one who got hit. My wife and I were on the Marriage Ref last spring, and I regret how negatively ventriloquism ended up looking. Too bad I didn't call Dan 1st. I was excited as you were, but didn't think it through in time. I commend you guys for keeping it positive.

Tonya Traylor said...

You know.... Unless the show is "Maury Povich" I would say.. next time GO FOR IT!
People who think it's Extreme will think so no matter how it is presented.
And people who have any interest or love of the craft will be inspired.
No matter what or how it is presented.
I think this craft stays hidden because... It almost seems "Extreme" to us... The Ones who love it.
We know.. it's almost impossible to have only one if you're a collector or artist or to make just one if you're a figure builder.
IT does consume because it's just so wonderful and allows us to use so many talents we didn't even realize we had possessed.
I Would love to see this covered EVERYWHERE!
Only Love,