Monday, February 7, 2011

Pig Head mechanics

Inside the head you can see that I attached the eyes and the mouth with magic sculpt. Not too neat bt very functional.

I put eye screws in each eyeball and attached a looped "T" control bar to them.
I ran a tube up the headstick and into the head and made the "L" shaped rod controller that moves the eyes back and forth.
Two tubes were run through forehead and rods bent inside with a spring attached for the eyebrow control and eyebrows in the front.
I coated the eye brow rods with magic sculpt and feathered them to look like eyebrows.

I sanded the face real well and painted it and this is where we are so far.

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Kris said...

The Dummy looks great!!!!
As a fellow Vent, I thought that you might be interested that there is a film/documentary coming out this year (unfortunately only in select cities) called "Dumbstruck."
It was filmed during the Vent Haven Convention back in 2007 and follows several Vents and their Dummies!
Check out the Facebook page to watch the trailer and learn more about the movie and what cities it will be playing at!