Monday, May 16, 2011

The Mask

I was contacted by Peter Hefty, a well known ventriloquist who has opened for such acts as Neil Young, Jay Leno, Sinbad and Jerry Lewis. He has many comedic awards under his belt and has been entertaining since the '70's.

He had a Tiki mask that he wanted me to animate for him. It had a mouth that was cut out in a wedge (not symmetrically unfortunately) and it kind of slid up and down. He wanted me to put it on a head post and give it self centering eyes. raising eyebrows and a moving mouth all controlled by the head stick. I will show you the various stages of animating it.

The first is a picture of the mask before I did any work. Here is a promotional photo of Peter and gang. The mask we are talking about is the one in his hand. It is hand carved solid wood with a wedged mouth cut out.

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trenon05 said...

Sounds like ur work is paying off great!!! for u Steve ur working with in the Big Time Bro.!!!! Know this is a blessing to see and know that ur making Figures for the Guys who are doin The national stuff bro!!!!!!!!Oh !!!Glad u had time to post some new stuff i really enjoy ur Blog Steve!!!! thanks!!!