Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mask III

After drilling holes and inserting brass tubes in the forehead at the specific starting place of the old eyebrows, I attached his new moving ones.

I used springs and steel rods to enable the movement of his eyebrows and connected them to one control to move them up or down. I then gave him a fresh coat of paint and sealed him.


hapi said...

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Anthony said...

This is some really awesome work. I have a Ray Guyll figure and 2 Nelson/Jackson figures. I have been watching your work for some time and it is nice to see someone thinking outside the box! Well done!

sandstorm said...

This is really brilliant I must say, kind of scary but cool all the same. It must of took you a long time and a lot of dedication to do this. Great blog as well. Please check mine out if you get the chance.

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griffin said...

Hey, im a young ventriloquist (14 years old) and i love your dummies. ive never purchased one. but if i ever do, i will probably start performing at restraunts and school and other places like that! Keep Making dummies! YOUR A NATURAL!