Wednesday, April 4, 2012

finishing Slappy

In the top phot0 we added his eyes and eyebrows and springs for mouth.The highlights are added to his face with acrylic paint.

His head is mounted to a headstick and the neck and eyebrows are then formed with magicsculpt.

The photo above shows the mechanics on the inside of the head. After they are finished, the back of the head is closed and the hair is sculpted with paperclay.

After the paper clay drys it is painted with several coats of acrylic paint and sealed with triple gloss and then a flat sealer. Slappy's head is finished and we add him to a wooden body with stuffed arms and legs. The whole process of making a body is done in an earlier blog "building Bob"

He is dressed in his classic Tuxedo and is ready to make someone happy.


ChandlerJones said...

Quite a nice conversion. Looks much less sinister now!

Cautivar said...

I would really like to purchase a dummy from you can you contact me at said...

hello friend! I'm from Brazil,
I'm wanting to make a ventriloquist puppet will be you can help me build one?

Thank you.


wanted know when your going post the work your doing on my vent figure