Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mortimer goes to Russia

I received an order from Igor in Russia, He told me he wants to become a ventriloquist and wanted me to build a full size Mortimer character for him with blinkers, crossing eyes, raising and lowering eyebrows and moving mouth. I promised I would put him on my blog as I worked on him. I am using the spring connected to the eyeball method for the side to side as well as the crossing eyes. The rod and tube for the raising and lowering eyebrows and the standard leather blinker mechanics. Here he is so far.

  I also had a whim after seeing the travelocity Gnome commercial so many times to go ahead and make one. Here is a picture of him as well.He is a 24 inch standing figure, I will post pictures of him as well when he is finished.
 I have been blessed with work this summer and am greatful to  all my customers for choosing me to make your figures. I know the economy is bad and i am keeping my prices lower to make them affordable without breaking the bank. I hope everyone has had a great start to summer. Careful of the heat!  As always, if anyone has any questions about figure making or ventriloquism, feel free to email me at I answer any and all questions.


Tonya Traylor said...

Do you have a mailing list for when you sell figures?
Your work is Wonderful

Steve Barry said...

Hi Tonya,

You can contact me at I can build anything you would like.

ponytail195515 said...

love the ears on this puppet