Sunday, May 18, 2014

Steven Tyler is finished

Well, this dude looks like a lady. I finished him today. Hard to believe he started out as a head blank from Braylu. I'll definitely be getting more of those Buzz!


Braylu said...


Nice work. Glad the blank worked out. Keep up the good work.


Rabbi Jacobs said...

I'm sorry, the previous comment inserted the wrong name.


We were referred to you by someone in the industry. Wow! The productions on your site are amazing!

We’re a very small publisher.

We’d like to custom make two puppets based on the characters of a book we publish.

These would be held in the hands of a one-man performer. He’ll use these puppets to help tell the story.

We’d like to see about getting some quotes for creating these. Around 2 - 2.5 foot high. No moving parts, except, MAYBE mouth. (We’re not sure.)




steve please send me your adress on face book or call me 1st i.ll have the money for my figure how tall will she be an will she look like picture i sent you please aswer asap please

The Amazing Potato said...

Steve, I would like a dummy made to look like me and to be able to have moving eyes mouth eyebrows, how much would this be? If I had more accessories like a tongue moving what would the price be?

Steve Barry said...

you can email me any time at