Sunday, August 5, 2007

TOO BUSY!!!!!!

I took a few days off from the newspaper to catch up in my shop. (work for work!)

I got alot done but not as much as I wanted to. I think I saw daylight about 6 hours in the last 5 days!

I am finishing up some more orders and in between, I am making several stage figures. I have never made a casting. I always take a wooden hat rack head, cover it with tinfoil or saran wrap and make the initial head shape. After it dries, I start sculpting the face onto it.

I then cut the mouth, eyes and back of the head out so I can start assembling the inards.

It is a slow process. One of the reasons I don't make alot of them. I have started to sculpt out three faces which I can alter (my specialty) so I can cast them and make building them alot faster. Hey, everyone does it now. So much for uniqueness. Thats why i want to make them stck faces so I can do my magic and make them all unique.

Heres a couple of pictures of the slow process, and Mrs. Gepetto sculpting out a pixie.

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Magic Mondays Team said...


You are giving all of your wonderful secrets away here on your blog.

I LOVE Steve's work. I have a little old man made by him who goes over great. I did a show with him tonight actually at Magic Monday's here in Melbourne Australia.

Steve is currently making me a stage sized head with a fat nose that I can place on to the little body I already have on the old man. This is part of my on going process of character development.

But now back to the development of the figures themselves...over to you and your blog again Steve.

Dean Atkinson