Saturday, August 18, 2007

A very draining week.

I have been spending most of my time with my father. He lost his soul mate and he is lost now himself. They say grieving is something that takes time. I want to make sure he knows someone cares about him so this month, I won't be working in my shop. I have several projects I will finish up. One is a stage figure for Trenon, another is a stage head for Actor/magician/ventriloquist Dean Atkinson of Australia and a figure I am working on for Dan Willinger, the creator of

I have alot of conversion figures that are ready so i will be selling them on ebay, but most of my time will be spent with my family. It is sobering moments, like the loss of a loved one, that makes you realize how precious little time we have on this earth. Thank you all who have contacted me with your prayers. They mean alot to us. My father, my wife and myself all thank you. It is wonderful to know that we have been blessed with good friends. Attached are some pictures of the stage figure heads I am working on. The one with the big ears is for Dean, the one in the middle is for Dan, the one on the end is the resukts of my first casting. As i said in earlier blogs, I prefer to do each one by hand and not continually make the same figure. Thanks again. Please keep in touch. You can email me at

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