Sunday, November 25, 2007

Building Bob Albano

The holidays have kept me in overtime. We've visited, been visited,and have been working busily in the shop to keep up with holiday demands. I was supposed to start last week showing how i make a tribute figure. Best laid plans of mice and men....

Anyway! I will start this week.

The first thing I will show you is how i make the body cavity. Bob is of medium builld with a slim waste so we have to tapere the body. I have cut out a bottom and a top that will fit the head I am making. You ask, what is the size? I don't make a standard size. I choose the head shape I will use (later in detail) and from that, I plan my body.

After cutting out the pieces, I use a 3" hole saw to cut out the neck hole. I then drill two 1/2 inch holes in the top and the bottom of the pieces. These holes will hold 1/2 inch dowels which will give the body contour. Then I cut the dowels to the height of 13 inches. That will be the height of the body.

I cut two pieces of 1/2 by 2" #2 grade furring strips 12 inches long for the sides and nail them on either side of the top and then connect it to the bottom by doing the same. I run a bead of glue in the holes where the dowels will go and do the same for the top and bottom of the furring strips to give it added strength. and the result is the body cavity.