Sunday, December 2, 2007

Building Bob II

I attach a quilted cover to the body by wrapping it around, trimming at the top and the bottom. I leave enough on the bottom to fold under.

I then roll two tubes of filler and attach them around the neck hole. I staple them into a circle and then glue underneath them to hold in place. I use Fabri-Tac. It is the best glue on the market in my opinion and can be bought in just about any hobby or fabric store.

I then cover the top with fleece. I pull it tight around the top and staple it in place in the front and glue it to the back of the top.. I then cut a small hole in the top and pull at it to open it to about an 1 3/4 inches. Theres his body cavity.

Now, I cut two pieces of cloth for arms and two for legs. I made a pattern for those and cut them down as needed. I didn't have a pattern at first, but my wife was frustrated with me constantly asking her "do these look good?"

For the legs, I fold the cloth in half and trace the pattern. I cut it out at the opened end and stitch it closed, leaving an opening at the top of the legs to stuff it.

I do the same thing for the arms (with a pattern) and leave both ends open.

I then turn them inside out and stuff them. I attach the hands on one side by folding an inside colloar on the arm sleeve and sliding the hand into it. I run a bead of glue around the wrist with Fabri-Tac and pull the sleeve over the bead. I then sew a joint in the legs and the arms so the figure will have the ability to move his arm with an arm rod and so his legs hang when he sits.