Sunday, December 30, 2007

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We celebrated the birth of our Savior here at home. It turns out my wife didn't sprain her knee, she broke her leg! The hospital sent her home saying she was alright and told her to visit an orthopedic doctor.

He gave her a shot of cortisone and told her she'd feel better in a week. Three days later her leg was swollen and she was in pain. Of course the doctor was on vacation so Darlene suffered until after the holiday. He then took an MRI and found she had split the large bone in her calve. I don't know why doctors are paid so much when they constantly misdiagnose problems.

She is now in a leg cast and has to have someone with her to help her up and down. My granddaughter is here in the early evening until she goes to bed and I am with her all day until I go to work. Needless to say, figure making is on the back burner.

I did complete Bob's lower jaw. I fit it by building out the sides and grinding it on a belt sander until it fit.

I then drill a hole through the jaw and mount a hollow brass tube through it. I slide a brass rod into the tube and cut it to the width of it's placement inside the head.

When the jaw is finished, put it in the head where it goes and build up some epoxy sculpt under the brass rod leaving the indentation of the rod in the putty. Take the mouth out and wait for it to dry.

While it dries, you can sculpt out the inside of the mouth. Teeth and tongue for a realistic look.

I drilled holes in the head for his eyebrows which I will install next week along with his eyes. I

I put a coat of paint on the head to find any touching up needed. So instead of Bob Albino, he is starting to look like Bob Albano.