Saturday, December 15, 2007

Building Bob III

It's been almost two weeks since my last post. My wife and I were getting ready to take my father out for his 79th birthday and she caught her foot under the rug and fell hard. She damaged the meniscus in her knee and possibly tore a ligament. I have been spending all my time with her. She is unable to walk.

I did start Bob's head this weekend. What I do is take a hat mannequin and cover it with tin foil.

I have about five different versions of them for different styles. Bob has medium smooth features. He has no outstanding features like a large nose or big chin. Good for him, deefeecult for me (o;

When making a caricature, it is easier when there are outstanding features. When there aren't, the head has to really resemble the photo or the whole idea is lost.

After I cover it in tin foil, I use one of two mediums, either magic sculpt or paper clay. In this instant I am using magic sculpt. ( I ran out of paper clay)

Paper clay is much easier to work with and requires little if any sanding when finished. Magic sculpt is a bear to sand and takes quite awhile just to get ridges smooth.

After i cover the head, i let is sit for about thirty minutes and then I cut the head in half right on the hat mannequin and run the blade across the back of the head also. I can then remove it from it's armature to do the finished work when it dries. That's where I am so far.