Sunday, January 20, 2008

The slow building of Bob

My wife Darlene has been totally disabled and needs help moving around. The brace goes all the way to the top of her thigh and all the way down to her ankle. I have been with her constantly and haven't had any building time. She's alot more important to me than figure making. She would do the same for me.

Bob contacted me last week and told me his eyes were blue, not brown, so I did a little surgery and changed them out.

I added Bob's head post and put the sleeves in his forehead for his eyebrows. I also added a little more shape to his brow and cheeks. I will install the eyebrows and controls this week and I am still looking for a wig tha best resembles Bob's hair. I have a few that are close but no cigar.

I also had a chance to finish up some conversion figures that were meant to go in my stre at Christmas time. They are there now. I hope everyone has a great week. Darlene has to be re evaluated on Thursday and we will find out if the brace comes off or not. Happy Venting!

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