Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finishing up Bill's figure

I had another conversation with Bill this week and he decided to go with a different look. He wanted his figure to look like a woman who took care of him when he was a child. So after a little adjusting, here she is. I thickened her lips and broadened her nose slightly to give her more of an African American appearance. I changed the controls which were looped steel wire. They were too pliable and didn't work well. I replaced the controls for the mouth and blinker with brass levers and I added a ball control for the eyes. I added moving eyebrows and put another control in the post for that function. I am in the middle of making her body and she should be ready to ship out sometime this week. Here she is Bill. I hope you like her. She's come along way from the poor guy who arrived at my door two weeks ago! He has been resurrected as a woman and will have a new lease on life.

In addition, I am finishing up a conversion figure for Doris, one of my long time customers. Here she is.


Anonymous said...

Warning! See Please Here

Tonya Traylor said...

Wonderful Work and Wonderful Tips!
Thank You So Much for sharing your gift!