Saturday, July 19, 2008


I promised Delores I would do this post for her. This is the making of "Look-a-like Louie"
I received the pictures from Delores and went to work sculpting out Louies face
After sanding his features smooth, I put four coats of fleshtone acrylic paint before blending in his highlights. After sealing the paint with flat acrylic sealer, I added the mechanics in his head. I attached his head to a post and sealedthem together so there would be no seam. Then I made his body from 1/2 inch pine board and connected the upper and lower torso with dowels and 1 inch grade 2 furring strips. I padded the body and connected his arms and legs and dressed him up in this smart suit. Here is a picture of the subject and a finished picture of "Louie"