Sunday, August 24, 2008


I received a letter from one of my customers and thought I would share it.

Hello Steve,
How are you? Thanks very much for the great vent figure! He has become quite the character. He is liked by young and old but to some, a little scary. Once they get to know him, they seem to be more comfortable around him. Cordell got a chance to sing "Oh Canada" over the internet to a family in Japan by webcam.
Cordell and I are getting better by the day. My son Christian will sometimes talk to Cordell about things he will not tell me for fear of getting in trouble. When Cordell tells Christian what he is doing is bad, Christian listens and usually no more problems.This little trick his Mom and I find helpful in taching Christian right from wrong when he won't listen to us.Hope your wife is feeling better. She is in our prayers. Talk to you later,
Thanks for the letter Corey, as well as the prayers. Darlene is doing much better thanks to everyones prayers.
Ventriloquism has always been a great tool for teaching right from wrong. It is great for any kind of teaching from English to History. Try it the next time your child has trouble with a certain subject. You'll find they are alot more receptive with a "Smart Dummy!"


burkitt said...

Hi there. This is Corey's wife. I would also like to thankyou. I was really afraid of the whole idea of those kind of dolls for some strange reason but seeing Corey and Cordell do their thing has made it alot easier on me about the phobia. I also work at the Montessori (Childrens pre-school)and my boss is now interested in bringing in Corey and Cordell for a prodject. So not only are we getting a great experience but we get to allow others to share in the art. I'm pretty excited. Our daughter Hope has to say "hi" to Cordell in the mornings. LOL
So thankyou very much! We all love it.
Della Burkitt

burkitt said...

otmaiHi there this is Corey's Wife again and just letting you know he did his first show with Cordell. He preformed infront of 30 kids and did a wonderful job. He had everyone laughting and it was awsome. Thanks for making Cordell possible. The Burkitt's

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