Monday, September 22, 2008


I have been relocating to my new shop. (out in the yard...) After moving all my tools, equipment and stock, I realize I would never want to move from our home! Too much work!
I spent the entire weekend relocationg and cleaning out the back of the house, hooking up machinery and getting things in place. I'm still not finished!
I am taking orders for look alikes again. I am caught up with everything so if you want to get a vent figure for a loved one, a friend or a boss that looks like them, Now is the time before the Christmas rush.
I have had several people ask me this week about cases for their figures. carries a nice line of professional cases for your figure. If you can't afford the cost, the best way to go is look for a hard case or suitcase. For my figures, I reccomend getting something 21 x 10 x 10. That is the size of the box I ship my dummies in and if lined with one inch foam, would protect him very well.
You can find suitcases or hard cases on ebay. There are alot of them and they change daily so if you want to wait, you'll find the right size. You can also hit garage sales and yard sales. That is where i have found most of mine. I added foam and wala! instant vent case. Some I have even have stickers from all over the world which gives the case a well traveled appearance. It also catches everyones eye when you walk on to the stage. Whichever route you go, you are looking for something to protect your figure, so keep that in mind.
I have put Darnell on ebay this week. He has a buy it now price of 319 which is excellent for a deluxe modified vent figure with these animations. I keep the cost low to make them affordable to all and don't worry, I guarantee all my work to be quality figures that if maintained properly, will give you many years of satisfaction. Hope everyone has a great week!