Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A lonely guy from ebay.

I have recently purchased a figure on ebay that was made by someone back in the early seventies. It was made of paper mache and covered with a resin to harden it.

I opened the back of his head to do some repairs and his head was almost an inch and a half thick.

His eyes need to be repaired and I am going to add raising and lowering eyebrows to him. He's cute and looks like alot of love was put into building him. It was this womans first try and i think she did a great job! I'm working on sanding down his face because he is pretty bumpy and I will attach his original hair and eyebrows when he is done.

His body is large for his size so I am going to shorten his torso and narrow his shoulders as well as shorten his legs. I will use all his original parts to do this because he was well built.

When he is finished.... I am going to keep him!