Sunday, March 8, 2009

I received a call from Brian in North Carolina. He wanted to add raising eyebrows to his Jerry Mahoney and give him a new set of arms with realistic hands.
He also wanted to change the format of the eyes which started all the way to the right instead of self centering

He changed Jerry to a Leprechaun by giving him points on his ears. I was asked to finish the work.
The first thing we do is close up the gap on the mouth by using magic sculpt
We run it along the sides of the mouth and smooth it so the gap closes and it stays true to the jaw.

We remove the jaw, let it dry and sand it to fit.
We drill holes in the forehead and place brass tubes through the holes. Brass wire is run through the tubes and bent to form the eyebrow skeleton. The inside of the head has a support bar added for the eyebrows.. The brass wire is looped on bothends and a spring is added.

We then build up the eyebrows with magic sculpt.
Brian wanted to keep the eyebrows true to the Jerry style painted eyebrows. It will result in a thin eyebrow that once dry has to be handled carefully.

Brian didn't want to repaint the figure which made it a difficult job. The paint that was on the figure had to be matched perfectly. I used fleshtone, antique rose and honey brown to age it slightly. Here's what we have so far while he's drying

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Donald said...

can I get a look inside the head.