Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Shamus" is finished

Shamus, a great Irish name, is finished. We hookedthe mouth and the eye centering spring to the existing hook in the back head plate, We matched up his paint color and gave him a 1st rate touch up. His ears, a small crack in his lip, the gap in his mouth and his eyebrows have all been repaired and formed with magic sculpt as well as the anchors for the eyelets in the head for the eyebrows. I outline them with hotmelt to give them more support. It makes a difference.

We put the back of his head back on and painted his hairline out as requested by Brian so it doesn't show up with his wig.. err... hair.. sorry about that Shamus, I didn't mean to give away your secret (hair club for dummies)

We removed his arms and gave him new arms with my hands, and dressed him back in his clothes. Top o' the mornin to you Shamus! your alive as life himself!

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