Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Jimmy LightShow

Here are some more of Jimmys figures. I am finall finished Jimmy, sorry about the wait.

He sent me this beat up old head from a 1980's Jerry Lane dummy. The orange haired guy is what I created. Here are your beards and your repaired head. If you only knew what i had to go through to make them. Elkton and Delaware don't seem to have fun fur this color anywhere. I had to kake the beards from clown poms. The kind you glue on to fabric. I dismantled them and glued them on in strands to a "beard pattern" I made, then added the velcro. I noticed that I had to seperated the mustache from the beard as well so the mouth would move. You have a purple one, a red one and a green one.

Here are your twins. They don't look the same anymore.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day! Semper Fi!!!! As always, If I can help anyone with figure making or ventriloquism problems,or you would like a custom figure made, contact me at

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