Monday, May 4, 2009

Hello again...

Been awhile since I posted a blog. I have been very busy. Working in the shop, filling orders and looking for a new job. Yes, I am one of many Americans in the newspaper business who has lost his job due to the internet. Why buy a paper when you can read it on line? So at 50 plus, I will be embarking on a new career. I will always make vent figures. Thats my passion. Unfortunately, Gepetto doesn't have any insurance which at our age we desperately need.

So much for me. I have filled the store again with discounted prices which you will not see anywhere else. My prices are lower than anyones and i guarantee my work. All springs, pulleys, brass and triple braided cord are used in making them so they last. Enjoy these prices for the summer, because they will go back up again in the fall.

Here are a couple of guys in my store right now. As always, If I can help anyone with anything pertaining to figure making or ventriloquism, email me anytime at and visit my store on ebay or

have a great day!

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Frank Bogino said...

Hi Steve - Let me know if you have received my email with my request.