Sunday, June 29, 2008

Look alikes

I received a mad rush of orders for look alikes last month. I am finally finished so if you are looking for one, now is the time before it gets busy!
I finished one for Bob Albano, the creator and administrator of a pictorial history of ventriloquism. His website is His site is chock full of interesting facts and pictures as well as enteretaining clips to view for all you ventriloquist enthusiasts!
Bob asked me to make a look alike of his son, a gift for his wife. Here he is.
I was asked recently, How do you become a professional ventriloquist?
There are three important elements The first is Desire. You must really want this. the second is Dedication. You must practice constantly.There are many courses out there. All of them are good. Some are costly, some are inexpensive. The best, in my opinion, is Maher Studios Millenium addition. It was created by Clinton Detweiler and can be purchased by contacting him through his blogspot It is not cheap, but it is complete, thorough and you are graded by the master himself as you take the exams that are included with this course.You receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course suitable for framing. I purchased one recently and as soon as I have some time, in between my ten jobs (exagerating, only four) I plan to become a Maher student. Something I wanted to do 35 years ago and never had the chance. Who says you can't teach an old dog now tricks! The last and most important is your delivery and act. Without that, you will be no where. If you have a great act, and good delivery you will be asked how to book you for a party or show in most cases immediately after your first act, be it a freebee at a school or a relatives birthday. How do you know you have a good act and delivery? You will know from the laughs and applause and the self confidence that comes with it.
I am working on a project for a ventriloquist in Mexico. It is a first for me. It is a talking "jamon serano" or smoked ham. It is built to resemble a leg of pork on one side, The other side has moving eyes,raising eyebrows and moving mouth. I will take you on a picture journey next week of how he was built. Hasve a great week and happy venting!

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