Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Getting ready to fill my store

I have been busy in my shop working on new figures and getting a few new orders completed. I am making a clown right now with cross eyes and a spitter. He should be done this weekend.

I completed a fellow for a french ventriloquist and he decided he didn't like him. He wanted a carbon copy of the figure I made for someone in my earlier blog. I tried to explain to him that I do them by hand. I don't use molds so each one looks a little different than the next. Anyone interested in him can contact me at gepettosworkshop@yahoo.com. He comes with raising and lowering eyebrows, blinkers, side to side self centering eyes and slotjaw mouth. AND IS FOR SALE FOR 399!!! He is 34 inches tall. I thought he came out pretty close! Oh well, can't make 'em all happy! Here are some pictures of him and some heads I am finishing that are waiting for bodies. Have a great week!

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Trenon Graham Ventriloquist said...

hello steve i've been trying to reach u by email to see if u can steal build the african american figure i sent pic's of i hope that ican be one of the figure that will be filling u'r shop i apologize for all the ? but i were viewing other opions as far as just buying a body or just having a brand new figure I figured it out that it would be best to have a new figure made!!!! and I can have a new characater as well after being invited to my first vent show by Williebownandwoody.com
in mpls and meeting him as well!!!! i did get lots of advice !!! and also the bigger the figure the more noticeable it will be also if i'm doing stage shows it will also be a great help !!! i also mentioned u'r name to him he mentioned to me that he wanted to check out u'r figures and site he asked me where is u'r company located i wasn't sure but he said from me explaining about the figure that u'r going to build for me he said that's a great deal!!!!He mentioned to me once he was made and i have him in my hands to send him pic of my new figure!! hope that a geat world of excitement for u Stve i know that u have another job the newspaper company so i'm quite sure that u'r busy trying do other thing i'm a grandparent as well as u!!!!!!