Monday, July 16, 2007

Bashing and Harassing

I finished saying what I wanted to say on the "Forum". I e mailed several of the people who were beating up on conversion vent makers and told them I thought they were slanderous and unprofessional. I wanted to see what they did when THEY were criticized. I proved my point very well. They got right on the forum and started taking cheap shots at me. It proved to me what I wanted. They can criticize you.. BUT!! As soon as you criticize them back they get ignorant. This one guy has emailed me ten times count'em TEN! Anyone wants copies I'll be glad to send them to you. He's telling me he wants to beat me up! Hows that! Definately staying away from that forum.

One thing that came up in the discussion was my figure had sticky hands. The sealer that I used wasn't curing right. It started to get sticky when it got warm. They were dry when shipped but somehow became sticky afterwards.

I contacted the manufacturer and told him what was going on. He sent me some more and it did the same thing! I finally went to a different supplier. If any of you have that problem, If you wipe them with mineral spirits it will get rid of the stickiness. (It won't affect the paint) My sincere apologies for this. I didn't know there was a problem until one of my customers told me about it. They were dry when they left.

This guy was complaining about a figure that he didn't even buy. He just wanted to start something. The body is too big, the string broke. Hey, strings break, thats why I guarantee my figures. If something happens, send it to me and I will repair it free. Every figure maker has repairs. No one is perfect. This guy seems to think he is

Here is a picture of the figure he has been complaining about. The same figure sold on Maher Studios website for 350 dollars. Mine have specially made hands that are more realistic than the juro doll hands. He says it's not a pro figure. Maher calls them pro. They set the standard. I call big figures "stage figures" Thats what they have been calling them for the last 30 years.
Again, a community that diminishes it's participants, diminishes itself.

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Willie Johnson said...

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